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The construction of the Château de la Citardière started in the 12th Century and has then been remodeled a few times to reach its current unique look in the very early stages of the XVIIth Century. The castle belongs to the French Heritage list. It is ideally located, on the edge of what used to be the Imperial forest of Mervent-Vouvant.  5 500 hectares of trees and rivers give the area a magnificent charm. Vouvant, called the painter's village is a real beauty and is a few minutes from the Château. Vouvant is one of 150 villages in France to belong to the most beautiful village list of France. Surrounded by water the castle's reflection will forever craft your memory of your stay here at La Citardière. Walk to the forest, the river, wonder through the castle's park and ruines and feel protected by the U shaped walls.

Who's never dreamt of walking through a castle's walls and park by night?


Your event at Le Château de la Citardière, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Chemin de Chantoizeau

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